About Us

My parents introduced me to the beauty of essential oils when I was still quite young. The benefits of essential oils are something I grew up with and came to know quite well as I matured. For as long as I can remember, the business has been fueled by a passion to locally provide a holistic healing through essential oils. A little over a decade ago, my dad truly became invested and poured his heart and soul into this company in order to aid its steady growth in northern Georgia, which is the area of the its conception. Now, with a stable base and a network of independent testing laboratories to ensure that our essential oils are of high therapeutic grade, I believe we are ready to branch out further in order to provide affordable essential oils to those outside our smaller, local circle.

We source our essential oils from across the globe. I remember playing in between the large barrels of essential oils over the summer a long while ago, reading the labels and learning about the scent's origins. Germanium is from Egypt, cypress from Spain, and sage from Yugoslavia. I learned more about plants and different countries than I intended to. It's funny how knowledge creeps up on you. Essential oils and their pure nature have shaped my understanding and perception of this world. Drawing inspiration from that, I and excited to say that it is my hope that mEssentials and its stellar scents can help you find your personal, centered perception of this bold world of ours. Thank you, and welcome to our circle.